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Make the commitment to work hard and challenge yourself, with Online Coaching I will guide you to your best physique. I have combined mind, muscle and scientifically proven methods to give you unreal results.

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Luke Hayes is the leading personal trainer in Ely, Newmarket, Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Luke has over 10 years experience in training and nutrition, has a degree in Physical Education and Coaching, is also a current Men’s Physique Champion and Fitness Model who has worked with some of the top photographers in the world! He has helped many athletes and clients of different sports, lifestyles and abilities reach their goals!

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What Our Clients Say

Luke has a very in depth knowledge of nutrition. I genuinely have a well balanced diet, working in the fitness industry myself and I train on a regular basis, but I had fallen in to a bit of a rut before my summer holiday to Jamaica, due to being overloaded with work and eating more than normal. Therefore I asked Luke to write me a 2 week cut nutritional programme, to get me back on track and feeling better about myself ready for the beaches and my bikinis. The nutritional plan was challenging and rewarding as it increased my energy levels immediately, made me feel loads less bloated and I managed to loose 3kg (65.2kg – down to 62.3kg) in the final 2 weeks before my holiday and felt amazing while I was away. What also surprised me was how use to it I got and I began to look forward to my nut butter (replaced my chocolate craving). I would strongly recommend a customised nutritional programme for anyone who’s wants to shift those final few pounds before holiday, Luke is the guy to do it! He tailors your plan specifically to you and it’s very straight forward to follow and most importantly it works!!! :) Thank you Luke.
Sammy - College Lecturer: Customised Nutritional Plan

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