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Make the commitment to work hard and challenge yourself, with Online Coaching I will guide you to your best physique. I have combined mind, muscle and scientifically proven methods to give you unreal results.

Welcome to Luke Hayes Fitness

Luke Hayes is the leading personal trainer in Ely, Newmarket, Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Luke has over 10 years experience in training and nutrition, has a degree in Physical Education and Coaching, is also a current Men’s Physique Champion and Fitness Model who has worked with some of the top photographers in the world! He has helped many athletes and clients of different sports, lifestyles and abilities reach their goals!

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Online Coaching

Online Training

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Personal training

What Our Clients Say

Jake Pryce took part in a online personal training plan with Luke Hayes Fitness. This is what Jake thought of the service…… Before I started with Luke Hayes Fitness I was trying everything to get my body into the shape I wanted it to be, I wanted to look exactly like Luke. Now I have started with Luke I can not explain what he has done for me, my whole body has changed completely into the shape I’ve always wanted to be. Luke is always there if you need to ask any questions or need help with something you don’t understand, always giving advice and helping you as much as he can to achieve your goal. My decision to have Luke’s support and online coaching is the best decision I have made in my life, I think he has the best shape in aesthetics and his online personal training and support goes with it! I couldn’t ask for anything else. If you are interested in benefiting from a Luke Hayes Fitness personal training plan, please contact us on 07795190599
Jake – Online Coaching Client

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