Aaron Collins Transformation


Aaron Collins – Online Coaching Client – Transformation

I started with Luke around December time where I added a bit of mass as was due a knee operation in January so didn’t want to lose too much size or muscle. I then had my operation in which I was then out of action for a few weeks but was itching to return and train. Luke then suggested I train for a men’s physique competition later in the year, I didn’t think much to it at first and never thought I would be able to achieve this.

I had been in the gym for a few years now just ticking over but never having any real goals set and the more I thought about this competition the more it appealed to me. I’ve always been in fairly good shape but never thought I could reach this goal. We then set out a 15 week gradual cutting plan at which my starting weight was 78kg.

I would check in every week and get my food and training plans adjusted accordingly to the progression I made. I was enjoying my training and enjoyed watching the changes in my body as the weeks passed.

A while Into my plan a few personal issues occurred in which I was challenged emotionally and found myself really wanting to quit, Luke made me stay strong and kept the belief in me in which I just carried on and pushed myself through. There was some very hard times emotionally but just had to keep going.

I owe Luke a lot as a week ago on the 29th may I competed in the UKBFF men’s physique competition but unfortunately didn’t place. The day was overwhelming and an experience I will never forget. Luke believed in me when others didn’t and even I doubted myself many of times. I’ve had first hand experience with one of the top trainers around and have gained a very close friend as well. For this I will be forever grateful.

Aaron pictured above before working with Luke in the first picture and after in the second two.