About Luke Hayes

I have been playing sports since a very young age starting with football and athletics (100m and 200m). After reaching as far as I could in football I moved to rugby after being spotted for my physical attributes. From playing these physical sports I started training in my garage with just a barbell and a set of weights at the age of 13. From doing 4 simple exercises I managed to achieve a good athletic physique by the age of 15.

At the age of 16 I snapped my Anterior Cruciate Ligament in my left knee, ending my career in Rugby and Athletics. The injury required surgery. I found it frustrating not to be able to compete in the two sports I had grown to love. During this period I really did not know what to do with myself and felt like just giving up. Having already gained a strong athletic physique by exercising in my garage I decided to join a gym to keep myself occupied and active whilst recovering from the operation. I began to achieve a very good physique for my young age and as I was starting college I found this to be an advantage.

During college I was taught many different ways to train and my motivation for working out increased. After college I went to university to study Physical Education and developed my understanding of training and nutrition.  As a result of this improvement in my knowledge, my physique really developed. I began to fall in love with training and started to consider this as my main sport.  I started to get a good reputation in the fitness industry when I won the first ever Body Pro Competition. A short time later I had my first photo shoot with Justin Tayler.

At 21 I graduated University with a 2.1 in Physical Education and Coaching, gained sponsorship deals, had photo shoots with some of the top fitness photographers in the world, and became the London South East UKBFF Junior Physique Champion. Now Luke is challenging the Mens Physique division all over Europe! My personal journey demonstrates that whatever happens in life there are always ways to work around problems and you should never give up. With determination you can always achieve new goals!

Therefore I created Luke Hayes Fitness! With 10 years of training and nutritional knowledge I realised I could share my experiences and knowledge and help people achieve their goals in fitness and life. Whether it being just starting out and wanting to get fit or to challenge themselves and take their physique to the next level!

Luke Hayes Fitness provide personal training in the areas of Ely, Newmarket, Cambridge and surrounding areas and also Online Coaching Worldwide. Get in touch today to start your personal transformation, email Luke at: luke@lukehayesfitness.co.uk

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