James Hobbs Transformation


James Hobbs – Personal Training Client – Transformation

It was back in November 2015 I decided enough was enough and asked for Luke’s help. I work as a fitness instructor and have been training/eating (relatively) healthily for the past 10 years however I managed to get myself in a rut and needed a fresh pair of eyes on the situation.

The credentials and physical wellbeing was enough proof for me that Luke knew what could be done to sort me out and he certainly has. He completely overhauled my training regime and diet and I’ve never felt better.

Luke’s plans, both workout and nutritional, cater to your needs and are simple to understand. The workouts are challenging, get you working and always progressing in order to continually get to your fitness goal/s. The diet plans are straight-forward, not too complex and Luke makes sure the foods are to your liking. His knowledge is extensive and his passion to help others with their fitness goals is incredible. He’s attentive, caring and thoughtful; always with regular check-ups making sure everything is going well, making alterations if need be. Ever have a question? He’s always an email or text away.

I couldn’t recommend Luke highly enough. He has changed my outlook of diet and fitness forever and for the better. I’m the lightest and healthiest I have been in years and it’s truly all thanks to him. So if you’re pondering on the idea of asking for Luke’s help. Stop and just do it. You won’t regret it.

James pictured above before and after working with Luke. The left hand side shot of each picture is from January 2016 and the right hand side from May 2016.