Logan Harper Transformation


Logan Harper – Personal Training Client – Transformation

If you are looking for a personal trainer you would be hard pushed to find better than LUKE HAYES. He tailor makes your personal programme concentrating on the areas you want to improve in whilst all the time using his expertise to make it very enjoyable. I have been training a good 4 years now, and for ever reading online and in magazines about different styles off workout and diets, and never got the results im was striving for.

i’ve always been nervous about hiring a personal trainer and felt like i’ve never needed one, due to the cost and thinking i was just going to be handed some chucked together plan. and told to go. but i got a holiday booked and told myself and Luke that in 6 weeks i want to be in the best shape i ever have been! and be damn sure Luke got me there! with in days he had written me out a full nutritional plan and workout plan, i hired him as a 121 trainer aswel. and after the first session i felt better. it cheered me up knowing i was on the right course, after 7 days training with him i had lost 6lbs and looked bigger. people were starting to notice how much i was changing. but that was only part off it, i felt better! i felt healthier, it was in complete shock in how great i felt and looked! and i just kept thinking this is only day 7. i could not wait till week two and onwards.

On holiday i felt amazing and in the words off my girlfriend ‘i looked hot’. but all i wanted to do was get back to training!

In complete honesty i have Luke to thank for so much, YES he has put me in the best shape i’ve ever been in, and even after my holiday i have signed up with him for another 12 weeks as a 121 trainer!

Logan pictured above before working with Luke in the first picture and after in the second.