What Our Clients Say

I contacted Luke after I got stuck in a rut with my training. 90% of my training was cardio and I wasting lean muscle. Luke made me change my way of thinking and how I viewed my body. Now 90% of my training is weight training, I feel leaner and stronger and in just 4 months my muscle definition has greatly improved. He has made me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. He’s fun to train with and incredibly motivating, I always look forward to our sessions.”

Katie Thornton  – Personal Training Client


I decided to start training with Luke as he seemed such a friendly guy, and someone that seemed to understand my brief. I was looking for a personal trainer who would push and challenge me with my exercise, not someone that would be obsessed with my eating patterns or me loosing weight and inches. My goals are to be stronger, so week by week the weights become more challenging and sometimes I can’t believe how much more I am managing to lift! I have two sessions per week and I always ache, as my muscles are consistently challenged with new exercises that I could not be able to do or think of if I were doing it alone. “

Gemma Treby  – Personal Training Client

Before I started with Luke I was trying everything to get my body into the shape I wanted it to be, I wanted to look exactly like Luke. Now I have started with Luke I can’t not explain what he has done for me, my whole body has changed completely into the shape ive always wanted to be. He is always there if you need to ask any questions or need help with something you don’t understand, always giving advice and helping you as much as he can to achieve your goal. My decision to have Lukes support and personal training is the best decision I have mad through life, I think he has the best shape in aesthetics and his online personal training and support goes with it! I couldn’t ask for anything else.”

Jake Pryce – Online Coaching Client

During my time with Luke I cannot fault the exemplary service I have received. Luke is attentive and ready to solve any problems you may face along the journey to reaching your fitness goals, really putting the personal into personal training. Every week, even if i had forgotten to check in with him, Luke prompted me as to how my progress was going, altered my programme accordingly, and more importantly ensured I was enjoying what we was doing. I made great progress, noticeable straight away after week one. Luke’s knowledge through experience makes asking questions easy as i felt confident in the reliability of his responses. The workouts were tough and challenging, and i continued to grow stronger week by week. I would thoroughly recommend Luke to any body that was looking for guidance regarding all areas of sport and fitness, 10 out of 10.”

Tyler Martin – Personal Training and Online Coaching Client

Luke has a very in depth knowledge of nutrition. I genuinely have a well balanced diet, working in the fitness industry myself and I train on a regular basis, but I had fallen in to a bit of a rut before my summer holiday to Jamaica, due to being overloaded with work and eating more than normal. Therefore I asked Luke to write me a 2 week cut nutritional programme, to get me back on track and feeling better about myself ready for the beaches and my bikinis. The nutritional plan was challenging and rewarding as it increased my energy levels immediately, made me feel loads less bloated and I managed to loose 3kg (65.2kg – down to 62.3kg) in the final 2 weeks before my holiday and felt amazing while I was away. What also surprised me was how use to it I got and I began to look forward to my nut butter (replaced my chocolate craving). I would strongly recommend a customised nutritional programme for anyone who’s wants to shift those final few pounds before holiday, Luke is the guy to do it! He tailors your plan specifically to you and it’s very straight forward to follow and most importantly it works!!!  Thank you Luke.

Sammy – Nutritional Plan

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